Chefs & Restaurants

Matty Matheson

Lee Tiernan – Black Axe Mangal

Neil Rankin – Temper

Jess Murphy – Kai

Billy Durney – Hometown BBQ

Grainne O’ Keefe – Clanbrassil House


James Wheltor – Cabrito

Nick Solares – Meat Life

Martin Anderson – Temper

Genevieve Taylor – Charred

David Carter – Smokestak

Fingal Ferguson – Gubbeen

Paul Flynn – The Tannery

Holly Dalton – Gertrude

Hunter Gather Cook

Andy Stubbs – Low & Slow

Gaz Smith & Nenad

Jiyeon Lee & Cody Taylor – Heirloom Market BBQ

MIke Johnson – Sugarfire Smokehouse

John Relihan

Mark O’Brien

Rama Basilio

Andy Noonan – Fowl Play

Jack May – Bare Bones

Rick Higgins

Lil Portie

Bowls by Kwanghi Chan

Lucky Tortoise

Fowl Play

Kinara Kitchen

Box Burger

Hot Wing and Chili Eating Challenges

Thanks to our Festival Partners

McKenna Guides


“The Great and the Good of the Grill came to Herbert Park in Dublin in August, propelling this inspired celebration of fire and eating into the first division of food festivals in Ireland. There was so much good cooking going on that it was hard to know where to start, and where to stop. And it’s all happening again in August, so get your Whole Hog tickets now.”