Nick Solares’ top picks from The Big Grill 2018

Nick Solares’ top picks from The Big Grill 2018

Nick Solares’ top picks from The Big Grill 2018 150 150 The Big Grill Festival

We’re always chuffed to have New York based Nick Solares meat & BBQ expert come to town and eat his way around The Big Grill with us. Here are some of his highlights from last year…

Jack May of Yosma in London serving up a red pepper lamb “tomahawk” — a ribchop with the short rib left attached creating a long, majestic looking bone. Served with a creamy beetroot tzatziki, pickled cabbage, and fresh herbs to counter the richness of the lamb.’

David Carter from SmokeStak, London at The Big Grill in Herbert Park. Photo: Allen Kiely

‘Dave Carter from the white hot barbecue joint Smokestak in London cooking a culinary mash-up featuring Texas style brisket in a taco shell with baby cucumber and spiked with the bird’s eye chilis popular throughout South East Asia.’

‘Pitmaster Billy Durney of Hometown Barbecue in NYC serving a perfect rendition of the Texas-style beef short rib but using locals Irish beef.  Rubbed simply in salt and pepper and smoked for long hours over oak the result is a smoky punch and a supremely beefy flavor. Don’t you dare ask for sauce!’

‘Pitmaster Mario Portella of Churrascada, Brazil cooking beef plate ribs Asado style over a ground fire. The low and slow meat is served in classic Brazilian style with farofa, the toasted flour mixture that is an essential part of the cuisine.’

Check out Nick’s website to see more of his BBQ coverage…