Hot stuff: Chilli & Wing Challenges are back!

Hot stuff: Chilli & Wing Challenges are back!

Hot stuff: Chilli & Wing Challenges are back! 3000 2000 The Big Grill Festival

Think you can handle the heat? Our wildly popular and big crowd pleaser, the Hot Wing and Chilli Eating Challenges are back, bigger and better than ever.

So what’s the deal?

The Chilli Challenge…

Participants eat their way through increasingly spicy rounds of 7 chili peppers, starting with the mild Cherry Bomb chillies, and moving up to the Ring of Fire chillies, the 1 million Scoville rating on the heat scale with Bhut Jolokia (a stopping point for most people) and finishes off with the current world record holding, hottest chilli – the Carolina Reaper! Contestants are required to eat the chillies upon instruction, given 1 minute to do so. Contestants will be required to eat the entire chilli: flesh, seeds and membrane, but excluding the stalk. The winner is the last man or woman standing. 

The Hot Wing challenge…

Just Wing It’s 666 Hot Wing Challenge is exactly what it says on the tin, featuring some of Ireland’s hottest pieces of chicken for your delectation. The hardest and hottest of all the eating competitions at The Big Grill this year – this one separates the big dogs from the wannabes. Basically, here’s what happens; each contestant has to eat six wings in six minutes. This means, that each minute, one wing and one chilli must be consumed, and a one minute burn period after. They must also eat all the meat on the wing. Contestants are also not allowed to drink any beverages for up to two minutes after the competition has ended, this is made tougher by a pint of milk being placed in front of them to tempt them. But, if they drink it, they’re out. The wings are marinated in a sauce made of four, yes four, different chillies: California Reaper, Naga, Ghosts and pure Capsaicin, a chilli that reaches nine million on the Scoville spiciness scale. To put that into a context that we can all understand, that’s twice as hot as US-grade pepper spray. Gulp.

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